How to Unfreeze my Kindle Paperwhite?

At Kindle Support we know that the Kindle is a priced device for all the dedicated book nerds. Also, we understand that in today’s world it is more convenient to use a Kindle Device rather than carrying a paperback. Using Kindle has its perks, but, on the contrary, it is just a technological device which is bound to face hitches at one or the other point.

So, if you are a user of this device, then it is surely possible that you would have faced Kindle Frozen Error.

In this issue, your device such as Kindle Fire HD is slow and Unresponsive. So if you are facing this Kindle problem in your device, then do the steps given below. Or you can take the help of the technicians for your kindle troubleshooting by calling at Kindle tech support number.

How to Get your Kindle Paperwhite to Unfreeze?

If you are a complete addict to the Kindle paperwhite and need to retrieve your way back to your books then we would suggest seeking direct technical help from experts at Kindle Customer Support Phone Number +1-800-653-8137.

However, if you have time and patience in hand then you can troubleshoot Kindle Frozen error manually at home.

Now, let’s move on to the steps and methods-

1. Restarting your Kindle device is one of the first things that you must do to get rid of the issue effectively.

● Simply hold the start button for at least 40 seconds and release it.
● Your device will reboot and now you can use it again

2. Always make sure that you have the latest version of software installed on your Kindle

Below we will suggest you the steps on ‘How to Update Latest Software of Kindle?’

● Go to Start> Menu> Settings > Device Info
● Then, proceed to the customer support page for Amazon
● Further, download and update the Kindle Paperwhite software
● Now you would need to transfer this specific file into your device.
● After the process finishes you need to disconnect your Paperwhite device from the PC.
● On your device, you need to go to Settings> Menu and then select the option for Update your Software.
● Finally, reboot your software and you will be good to go.

3. Ensure that the temperature around your device is normal.

This will allow your Kindle Paperwhite device to work properly. Also, make sure that you avoid using your device in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

4. Do you have multiple apps running on your tablet?

Yes, then close them and then check if the Kindle Frozen issue is resolved or not.

What can be the alternative solution for Kindle Frozen Error?

The other thing which you may do to get rid of a Frozen Kindle Screen is to ask assistance from people who qualify at resolving Kindle errors the best. You can go and seek help from reliable platforms such as Kindle Customer Service.

How to Reach for Kindle Help?

Round the clock assistance for Kindle devices can be availed by calling at Kindle Contact Number +1-800-653-8137. Get 24*7 Kindle support.

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