Why Kindle Fire Won’t Connect to Wifi?

Truth be told, poor or no internet connection on Kindle can draw you far apart from your books and their amazing, mystical worlds. But, what would happen if you found out that you can’t connect Kindle to wifi’.

Well, don’t get frustrated, because experts from Kindle Customer Support can help to get rid of such issues at just a snap.

Things to Check Before Troubleshooting ‘Kindle Fire Won’t Connect to Wifi ’ issue

1. Ensure that the other devices can connect to the network

2. You must know the correct password of your Wifi

3. Kindle Fire Device should be on the latest software version

4. Tap off on the Airplane Mode

After checking all of the above-mentioned points now you can proceed to the steps to troubleshoot the issue. For any queries about Kindle Fire device, feel free to call at Kindle Phone Number +1-800-653-8137 (Toll-Free) for 24/7 assistance.

How to Fix Kindle Fire Won’t Connect to WiFi Error?

Kindle won’t connect to Wifi is a common error for Kindle users. Follow the steps below and resolve the issue with minutes.

Follow the methods and instructions below very carefully to resolve Kindle Fire won’t connect to WiFi error

1. Try to Restart the device and the WiFi connection on your Kindle

● You can swipe down from the screen and then press Wireless

● Select WiFi and next to it you will see the option for Off WiFi. Select it

● Turn on the WiFi connection again.

2. Try to Move your Kindle near to the Router

● In case, your network hasn’t appeared on the list then you can move your device near to the router for a better connection.
● First Scan the network from the Wifi menu, if you still do not see it on the list, then try to add it in a manual way to Kindle.

3. Make Use of Channel 1-11

● You must ensure that your Wireless Router has been set to use Wifi channel from 1-11.

● Then, you can refer to ISP for additional help regarding this issue.

4. Get to Restart your Router and Modem

● Start, by unplugging both of the devices

● Wait for around 30-50 seconds before restarting them.

● Turn them on and wait for a while before connecting them to the device.

We understand that for a non-technician it may take a little while to troubleshoot the issue manually. So, for an immediate fix for ‘Kindle Fire won’t connect to wifi’ get help from the kindle support number +1-800-653-8137 (toll-free) and get Kindle customer service for your device. 24*7 kindle support is available for your Kindle problems.

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