Why My Kindle Fire Is Not Charging?

If your kindle fire won’t charge or not responding, there could be many reasons. But you should take these three points into your considerations:

1. Check out the power adapter of your Kindle device.
2. Check out the cable from which your kindle device is connected
3. The electrical outlet should be properly working.

The other way to find out if your Kindle Fire is working or not. There is an indicator light on the bottom of the device which will turn amber while charging.

That light in Kindle Fire will turn green when the battery of the device is fully charged.

And, when the light is not turned on then you would get to know that the device isn’t receiving any charge.

How to Fix a ‘Kindle Fire Won’t turn on’ Issue?

If your kindle fire won’t turn on, don’t get panic. First try these two steps :-

1. Your first step is that, you have to press and hold the Kindle power button for 40 seconds.
2. The second step is release, and the charge indicator light should turn on, and kindle should start rebooting itself. If it is still not responding, do kindle troubleshooting steps given below.

How to troubleshoot ‘Kindle Fire Won’t charge’ or turn on Issue?

If you have a considerable amount of time in hand then you can easily do kindle troubleshooting with these steps and troubleshoot the ‘kindle fire won’t charge’ issue at ease.

For direct solution, you can Contact Kindle tech support phone Number.

However, keep in mind to follow the steps and methods very carefully without any error-

1. Try to put your Kindle Fire device on charge for a few hours and then check.
2. Ensure that the Kindle Charging Cable is in good condition. If not, then replace it at the earliest possible time.
3. In case you find the Kindle Charging port broken then purchase a new one immediately.
4. Check to make sure that the USB connections are intact and not loose.
5. Finally, check if the power outlet works and is turned on or not.
6. If your device is charging then you would see a amber light indicating that your Kindle is in charge right now. When your kindle is fully charged you can see the green light.

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